Mary Wallace and Mary Oates have taught for ....well, many years in the field of Early Childhood Education.  And several of those years saw them in the same classroom together.  They both hold degrees in their respective disciplines.  Mary W.'s background in Nursery Education and Mary O.'s background in Special Education landed them both at Early Childhood Education Center, Guilderland, N.Y.  They were co-teachers in an integrated classroom, which gave children with special needs the opportunity to experience their preschool years among typically developing peers.  

They were often referred to as "the two Marys".  They share similar approaches to working with children, take delight in a good story, take the time to listen and can finish each other's sentences.  When separated from the classroom to follow different paths several years ago, they promised that they would once again teach together.  Which leads us to Kids Care Preschool.  

Our Teachers


With the rise of technology, our world can often become impersonal and isolating.  Children can often maneuver their way through an app, yet find it difficult to play cooperatively, side by side with a peer.  We promise to consistently present your children with the strategies and problem solving skills needed for successful interactions with others, as they learn to build relationships with their friends and their community.  We will nurture each child's natural strengths yet encourage them to take appropriate risks. 

Through the use of humor, story, music and movement your children will experience different ways to show they care for their world.  They will take an active role in learning about and caring for our pets and farm animals, families and friends, the environment and the animals that live in it, as well as our community.  Each season will focus on one particular aspect of "caring" and how we can "give back" as we explore the importance of each in our lives and how they can make a difference....even as 3 and 4 year olds!