We help children develop a "care plan" for each theme... Learn how!


GIVE US A CALL TO SCHEDULE A VISIT....come see what we're all about!  Registration for the 2017-2018 year is now open:


3 yr. old class... T/Th   9-11:30                               $120/month

(Although this class is currently full, a new opportunity is now offered for older 3 yr. olds - call for more info.)

Pre-K - MWF  (3 hr.)   9-12  


Call us @ 518 320-6071 OR​

               518 227-5145

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Kids Care Preschool is a positive and nurturing environment for children to work creatively through the use of song, movement, art, story, drama, and problem solving while learning how to give back to their community. 

Giving donations to Schoharie County Animal Shelter​​​


Learn About Kids Care

Providing Children the opportunity to give back.

Caring for our (and others') pets teaches responsibility, compassion and empathy.

We offer programs

 for 3-5 year olds.

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